Marge Hicke, Marriage & Family Therapist

Marge Hicke

Marriage & Family Therapist

San Diego, California





When I discovered the secret to living life with ease, instead of struggling, feeling depleted of energy and out of balance, I created this site in order to share the E’s

ENERGY, EMOTION, EMPATHY, EXCERCISE (of body, mind, spirit).

Reality check!  Life is a series of ups and downs, polarities, not a flat line___________.  What fun would that be?  In discovering the secret of living with ease, I realized that balance and equilibrium were different. We often speak of having balance in our lives, meaning that we make sure we have included work, play, family, exercise, spirituality,etc. in our life.  Equilibrium means so much more than that. And it is a delightful word to speak.  Try it. Say it out loud and let it roll on your tongue. When our lives have equilibrim (another “E” word!), we are able to live with the polarities of our lives, to live in a state of balance between opposing forces–ups and downs, happy and sad, life and death, tension and realxation. And, what I have learned is that we can live in that state with ease.

Here at THE LIFE OF E’S you will find tools to use Energy, Emotion, Empathy and Exercise (of body, mind and spirit).  These tools include articles, products, events, meditation, journals, to name a few.